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Easy to use Joomla extensions & WordPress plugins
Empowering Joomla and WordPress websites with innovative solutions since 2006


The Easiest forms builder to Create any kind of form for your Joomla or WordPress website, and it's FREE.
Chronoforms was first released in 2006, currently we have the 6th version and the most amazing one.

Responsive forms
Build Mobile ready forms with ChronoForms
Drag & Drop designer
Easily design your form using the drag and drop form builder and preview how your form looks like before saving the changes.
Multi Page forms
Build multi page forms easily using the advanced ChronoForms form builder
All fields types
All form fields types are available, text, textarea, password, radios, checkboxes and dropdowns, with many advanced features like AutoCompletion and auto resizing.
Database connection
Read, Add, Update or delete data from one or more database tables, and connect to external database.
Send emails
Send any number of emails, encrypt the emails data if necessary (encryption requires server software), advanced email layout support, customize the email recipients, subject, from data and set CC and BCC addresses.
Multi platform ready
Whether you are building forms in Joomla or WordPress, you can use Chronoforms on both platforms, and if you decide to migrate from one platform to another, then your existing forms should work as normal.
Popup forms
Load your form in a popup when the page is loaded or after specific time or when an element is clicked.

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List and manage your database data, add interactive features.

Full database connection
Connect to any number of database tables on the local database or on an external database.
Multi page support
Build full applications of multiple pages and customize each page contents.
Modular blocks
Create blocks of views and functions and call them wherever you need in your application, you may also pass variables when calling a block.
Permissions control
Protect any page, function or view using full permissions control.
Big Views collection
More than 30 views blocks are ready to be used in your application, including tables, repeater, search box, button and form fields.

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Own a discussion board full of features

Categorized forums
Organize your forums topics in categories and sub forums.
Full permissions control
Control who can read, post and manage your forums topics and posts, you can assign permissions per forum and have forum specific moderators.
Trophies and voting
Enable post voting and user trophies to motivate your users to join discussions.
Private messaging
Powerful private messaging feature, each user can have their own messages inbox and outbox.
Private content
Users can mark some of the post content as private, the content will be visible for them and for moderators only.
Allow users to upload and attach files easily using the bbcode editor.
Users can upload their avatars, they can also resize or crop the image to match the forum requirements.
Display advertising content inside the forums topics to promote content or generate revenue.
Rich text editor
Edit posts content easily using the built in rich text editor
Let your users use Emojis in posts.

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