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Chronoforms error & Support not responding

TBitSystems , March 11 2021, 13:19
TBitSystems 1
March 11 2021, 13:19 #396126
we have a really big problem, be bought the plugin and used in on a placeholder site to setup our customers website and now we want to buy a new license, but the big problem is on chekcout the website throws an error ERROR CODE:PE106, I contated the chronoengine support last week if we could change the validate domain name to the real site name but sadly I still didnt get a response, our customer site need to be running next week on Monday and we are out of options how can get a new domain name validated or can we change some php code to get it running on any domain its really critical and will cost us a lot of time and money.
Thanks TBit
admin 32
March 15 2021, 07:18 #396143
That mus thave been a temporarily issue, please try again and let us know!