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Validate data return value

emmexx , February 08 2021, 18:17
emmexx 456
February 08 2021, 18:17 #395893
I don't understand if I'm using the validate data function the wrong way or there's a bug.
I created a validate data fn and put it in a submit event. The validate function works, when the validation fails a "joomla message" is displayed on top of the page. But the validation result is not displayed when I use {debug:} and I'm not sure that I can use the return value of that function. Some device seems to work, others don't and the values are never validated (or better, the switch function that checks the return value of the validate data function, works for most of the devices but for some it fails).
I'm confused.
I'm using cc 6.0.12 on Joomla 3.9.
Thank you